By nature a tip is relative. A tip is your way of telling the movers how good or poor a job they did for you. So, if the movers do not meet your expectations you are not compelled to tip. However if your movers do a fair or average job, at least a minimal tip is advised. For exceptional service, a more generous tip is common.

The amount that you tip is based on several factors such as:

  • How long the job takes.
  • How many men are on the job.
  • Extra difficult factors the movers handle such as flights of stairs, extreme heat or extreme cold, a long walk from the truck to the load/unload spot or anything else that makes the move a difficult or challenging out.
  • If your items arrive intact, undamaged.
  • How courteous and helpful the movers are, etc.

Ultimately you are the one to determine an appropriate amount for a tip.

Some people choose to give non-monetary items either besides or in addition to a tip. For example feeding the movers is never required but if they are working for you for the better part of a day it may be courteous to offer some type of refreshment such as cold water, a sandwich or pizza. Some folks also offer movers furniture or common household items that they no longer wish to keep.

A average dollar amount that movers are generally given is about $20 per person. This can fluctuate and be more or less depending on the factors listed above. For absolutely amazing service, some folks have tipped their movers up to $100 but this happens when movers go above and beyond the call of duty and are exceptionally helpful and caring.

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