One of the challenging aspects of moving to a new town through a job transfer is that you now are faced with big changes. You have not only changed homes and jobs, you have also changed social scenes, sports teams, schools, communities, cultures, economy, and sometimes you may even have a new accent to adjust to. It’s a lot to face and can easily be overwhelming. Here are a few suggestions to help you ease into that new environment and quickly become a local in your new town.


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Get to know the lay of the land. Look at maps, drive around town, and take walks. Once you know your way around, you will not only have an easier time finding places you are looking for but you will also be able to know what areas people are talking about when you engage in conversation. For example when you meet someone and they tell you about an awesome restaurant you have to try, they will often say something like, “it’s over on J street right across from the convention center.” If you’ve already taken the time to get to know the area a bit then you will probably have some idea of where that restaurant is.

Get involved in the community. What are your interests? Are you a mom with young kids? If so find a group of other moms with kids around the same age. You and your kids can make new friends. Do you like to volunteer? Then find a local charity and get involved. Are you hoping to get plugged in to the business world? Look up the local chamber of commerce to find out about business resources. Do you value outdoor adventure activities? Find out what is available in the area such as biking, kayaking, or skiing and spend a day doing what you love.

Keep up on the news. It’s important to know who’s who in the area, including the big names and the big companies that impact the local social scene or economy. These are likely to pop up a lot in conversations and may even have an impact on your day-to-day life in that city. Reading the newspaper will help with that. Another resource to you through the newspaper is you can find out about local events that you may want to participate in.

Support local businesses. Find small mom-n-pop stores in the area and become a regular patron. If you show your face one or twice a week at that little bakery around the corner, sooner or later the staff will learn your name and your order of choice. You may even make new friends or learn a lot about the town just by chatting with small business owners in the area.

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