Choosing an office space can be a very daunting task, because your choice may have many repercussions.  The wrong location, for example can cause you the loss of your employees or clients. You need to consider the future of your company, not just your current needs. Here are a few things you should consider when making the decision.


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Does the office send the right message?

Your office space is a reflection of you and how well your business is doing, and should be more than just a collection of cubicles. You want an office that is inviting to clients and looks aesthetically pleasing, both inside and out.

Is there room for the company to grow?

A company must consider both immediate and future needs; growth factors could change the space requirements. If you cannot afford a larger space, try to negotiate a shorter term lease.

Is this the right location for key employees?

Consider your employees, and where they live. Is the space convenient for them? Is there a long commute? What’s the parking situation? The ease of getting to and from work can push your key employees to go elsewhere. Consider their needs, and even include them in the decision making process to avoid losing them.

Is the location convenient for your clients?

You want your space to be accessible to clients, as transportation prices continue to climb; people may not be as willing to travel to your office or business.

Would you consider sharing an office space?

Sharing an office space can be beneficial and help you save money on the rent, as well as the cost of common areas such as the bathroom and kitchen. It’s ideal to share with complementary businesses, such as a PR firm with a web designer, or an architect and a builder. There should be a formal agreement between tenants.

Are there any hidden costs you’re not considering?

Consider the full cost of the space and moving- rent utilities, construction, renovation, and other costs that may not be obvious.

How secure are the lease and rental rates?

Once you are established in a space, it would be frustrating to find out that at the end of your lease that your landlord has rented the space to someone else or is jacking up the rent. Try to negotiate language in the initial lease that gives you the option to renew and puts a cap to any increase on rent.

Is the office ADA compliant?

Before choosing a location, make sure the landlord is responsible for compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, because this could be a huge coat to you.


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