If you are like most working people, chances are you work in a cubical and while you may be tempted turn that space into your very own oasis, you must remember that even though your cubicle might be yours, you must still be mindful of others around you. Here are some do’s and don’ts for those of you who work in a cubicle:

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  • Remember that being in a cubicle is not the same as being in an office; anyone can have access to your belongings so make sure you don’t leave anything of value to you behind.
  • Privacy is almost non-existent when you are in a cubicle. Just assume everything you do can be seen, and be sure you aren’t doing anything that can jeopardize your job, or leave a bad impression on any clients or customers in the office. This includes maintaining a clean work area at all times, and avoiding excessive personal grooming.
  • Don’t get too comfortable. Sure you may want to kick up your feet, take a nap, or watch your favorite TV show, but these acts are highly unprofessional and can also leave a negative impression on clients or customers.
  • Keep your area professional looking. You may be tempted to decorate your cubicle, which is fine, but keep in mind the message you are sending. Don’t clutter your cubicle with too many things or put up inappropriate posters or pictures. Keep it simple!  And know your company rules in regards to decorating.
  • Be mindful of any noise making, chances are if you are making noise of any kind, someone can hear it. If you are talking, keep conversations professional; and simply step outside to discuss personal topics or issues.
  • Sometimes, you just can’t help but to eat at your desk, just make sure you keep left over food covered and out of sight.
  • Cubicles do not block smells.  Be careful not to have a heavy hand with perfume or cologne, and be mindful of any other smells you bring in such as food.  Any hot food produces a smell and certain foods may be nauseating to some, or make your surrounding neighbors so hungry that they become distracted.

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