When a business is moving to a new location, it’s usually the responsibility of the employee to pack and move their own personal belongings. Use this as a guide to prepare for the move, and to keep yourself organized during this hectic time.

 Move-in Day

(Photo Credit: Flickr- Rick Cogley)

  • Ask your boss questions. Find out what your responsibilities are during the move and if there are any restrictions on what you can take to the new office. Will there be new furniture? If there is find out the size because you may not be able to keep everything you had at your old desk or work station.
  • Pack your filing cabinet. You should start here first because this is usually what will take the longest. Figure out which documents you may no longer need, and dispose of them properly. Place all your needed files in a folder/file and place in a box. If these files are yours personally, be sure to mark the box with both your name and the location they are going to.
  • Pack your desk. Empty out all drawers and compartments and sort through your supplies. Here is where you make decisions on whether or not you need to keep or discard notebooks, notepads, or other supplies. Keep what you need; donate/throw away what you don’t.
  • Pack your equipment. You may not need to pack or move your own computer/equipment or even prepare it for the move; this is something you should talk to your boss about to see what your responsibilities are. If you do have to pack or transport your equipment, be sure to know how to pack it properly, and have the proper supplies you need to safely transport it. No matter what, just be sure that either you or someone else will be backing up the files on your computer.
  • Packing your personal items. When it comes to packing your personal just consider whether you will have space in your new office, whether you need it, or whether you’ll even want it there. Also consider taking all your personal items home before the move, especially if they are of value to you so they don’t get damaged or lost.


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