The Holiday season can be overwhelming in the workplace; there are parties, tons of food, gift giving, and celebrations that can get in the way of normal work activities. You also have to be careful not to offend anyone who may not celebrate the holidays the same way you do. Here are some tips on how to deal with the holiday season in the workplace.

holidays at work

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  • Gift Giving: In the workplace everyone usually exchanges gifts, which can get out of hand and cause a financial hardship for some. Don’t break your budget or expect anyone else to; consider starting a secret Santa, or secret gift exchange with a price range, and stick to it.
  • Food: During the holidays, food is everywhere and it can become very hard to maintain a well-balanced diet. Instead of having a ton of food consistently being brought in by employees, consider creating a schedule for those who want to bring in food on a set day, or allow for one holiday potluck day. If clients bring in food, consider keeping it for after the holiday season if it’s a non-perishable item.
  • Be Mindful of the Holiday Culture in Your Workplace: The holidays play a bigger role in some workplaces. If your office is more low- key during the holidays, it may be because that’s the way your employer wants it. If you want to celebrate with your co-workers, consider getting together outside of the office.
  • Respect Your Co-Workers Religious Beliefs: Not everyone celebrates the same holidays, nor do they all celebrate them the same way. Some may not celebrate the holidays at all, so try not to offend anyone or force them to celebrate anything they don’t want to.
  • Don’t Let the Holidays get in the Way of Work: With all the festivities going on around you in the office, remember that you’re at work to work. Just don’t forget to get your job done.
  • Office Parties: Some may think that an office party is a time to let loose, but you must remember that you are still in a professional setting. Dress appropriately, don’t drink too much, and don’t party too hard.

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