Many statistics suggest that majority of Americans are disengaged at work. About 70% of workers are not delivering their best performances while on the job; this indicates a serious problem for both employers and employees. While looking for new employment opportunities may seem like the best option, it can be difficult to transition into a new position for various reasons. Here are some ways to become more engaged in your current position.


(Photo Credit- the Daily Muse)

  • Decide what motivates you. If you haven’t already focused on what you would like to do at work that interests you, consider how your personal interests may help guide your work plans. Ask yourself if you are motivated by a particular cause? Consider how you may be able to use your skills, and work for a company that shares your personal values. Research shows that 68 percent of working Americans would be willing to take a salary cut for a job that better allows them to apply their personal interests. Those who want a more personally meaningful career should be ready to take ownership by putting workplace priorities into action.


  • Take care of your health. Don’t forget to take care of yourself no matter where you are. Make small changes in your daily work routine to include healthier habits. For example, start taking the stairs, get up from your desk and walk around a couple times a day, or even start bringing a healthier lunch from home. From there you can move up to larger changes, like engaging your co-workers in a fitness challenge or signing up the company to participate in a 5k or charity walk. Being able to engage with your co-workers in a joint effort is a great way to better engage yourself at work.


  • Learn something new. Take advantage of any opportunity to learn something new. Take the initiative to take on new tasks or take classes and seminars to better enhance your skills. Any and every new skill can make you more marketable both within the company, or if you decide to find a job elsewhere.


  • Seek out opportunities to work with people of diverse backgrounds and skills. Seek out mentors or people you may be able to mentor. Doing this can be satisfying and help you become more engaged and interested in your job. Not only will working with a diverse group help you learn new things, but it also can become an opportunity to collaborate, and make meaningful connections.


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