One of the most commonly damaged items during a move, come from the kitchen. We all have been there, an accidental chip on Great Grandma Lucy’s Wedding china, broken wine and water cups, that crystal punch bowl you use every holiday event, or even that favorite coffee mug with the smiley face you drink from every morning. These items tend to be very vulnerable during a move. So protecting these items secure and correctly while packing, will make a much greater difference in the end.


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When packing kitchenware consider ordering special made boxes, such as ones from TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® Sacramento. TMTSacramento’s custom boxes range from all different categories, Standard boxes, Picture & mirror boxes, Wardrobe boxes, and Dishware boxes (Click here for more details). Special made boxes can be essential to your move, because of the ease to quickly and safely protect your valuables. You should wrap each individual item separately, to protect and secure it from shifting or breaking. Glassware and Porcelain especially, should have secure surroundings when placing them into a box, try to pack these items separately from the rest of your belongings.

Make sure to have the right box for the job, (the heavier the smaller, ideally not very large). When wrapping individual items,  NEVER use newspaper, unless you are stuffing the corners of a box for extra support, and less shifting. The reason to this is, newspaper tends to leave unwanted ink or newsprint marks on your valuable kitchenware. Invest in Bubble wrap, Packing foam, and (White) Packing paper, these wrapping materials are safer and more effective than newspaper (You can purchase these items here).

Example How to Wrap: Wine Glasses:

(1) Fold wrapping paper into a extended rectangular shape. And wrap around the supporting base.

(2) Wrap wrapping paper securely around the bottom of the wine glass, and do the same to the cup of the glass.

(3) Shift wrapping paper into a medium ball, and stuff the cup for support.

(4) Last Bubble wrap or add Wrapping paper around the entire wine glass (as much needed) to secure its surroundings.

For Plates, Drinking Cups, Bowls and Silverware, follow similar methods, and include extra padding.

Last but not least, you should clearly label any boxes that contain any Crystal, Glassware, or Porcelain as ‘fragile’. Don’t rush when packing these items, take your time, you don’t want any accidental chips or cracks from speed racing. Make sure to test the box’s durability, and movement before you move them. If there is any shifting or jostling, add the newspapers or packing paper on the sides of the box for extra padding and security.


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