The day is here, you have cleared all your schedules and you’re ready to move on your next journey. You have dreamed about it, planned it, pictured it, and stressed about it and now its here. Hopefully you have prepared yourself for this day, because its going to be a long one. And if you haven’t? Well its time to start! You should be excited about this, its the start to a new beginning! Below are five tips that will help you be prepared, organized, and have a smooth sailing moving day.


(Photo Credit: Emily Brandon at Us News)

5. Plan out your Day from start to finish.

On your moving day, you want to check, double-check, then triple- check that everything in your house is in order to move. Check your packing in all rooms high and low. Make sure that all Accessories, Tools & Miscellaneous items are out of drawers in Kitchens, Bathrooms, Bedrooms, Bonus rooms, And Garage. Make a list or layout of rooms to pack & load, your list should include the most heavy items first (couches, armories, pianos, dressers.. etc.) , and lighter items last (Small Tools, Computers, Clothing, Shoes… etc.). This order will also help the loading process as well.

4. Take Charge.

You should be assertive but diligent, when over seeing your move. Be the boss! Make sure you have a list of your inventory, and revisit the list when watching your items load onto a truck/vehicle. You should know what is being loaded onto the truck before hand. If something were to be lost or stolen you don’t want to be surprised later. You should make sure that your inventory is being treated with care. If you cannot be there to oversee your moving process have a close’ friend or family member to be in attendance.

3. Don’t Stress your movers.

It’s one thing to be the boss of your belongings, but try not to stress out your movers. Whether you hired movers, or hired friends/family. Make them feel as comfortable as possible. You don’t want them to get nervous and accidentally break, or miss-treat your things. Be attentive to their needs, make sure the have eaten. If not, its OK to have prepared snacks, and send out for a meal. This will not only ease the stress on both parties, it will help you gain a “moving day relationship” so that everyone is on one accord.

2. No children or pets.

The best way to eliminate the stress on your movers on moving day is to get rid of children and pets temporarily. Children and pets can get in the way of your moving flow. Movers can get nervous from dogs, or cats, and or be allergic. Children can be easily drawn into hazardous situations, when  not watched attentively. Your focus should be on your moving process, not stressed on watching kids or animals. So the best idea is to get a baby and pet sitter for the day.

1. Make Sure there is Room!

You don’t want to crowd areas of your space when packing your belongings. Try to organize boxes, and packed items so that it isn’t nearly impossible to  get to them. Also, make sure there is space for you’re moving truck, and loading area. This will make the loading process go a lot smoother. All in all, enjoy your moving day. Don’t over think it. Planning and Preparing will result in a Smooth Sailing Moving Day!

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