Some people start their moving process with a stress-free mindset..then ten boxes later they find themselves tossing random items wherever they’ll fit and well… freaking out. Moving can already be a huge annoyance, so here’s some useful (but slightly odd) tips that will make your transition ten times easier!


It seems crazy, but the thought of donating unwanted items sometimes doesn’t even cross people’s minds when moving. They’re more worried about “Where are these items going to go?” than “Do I really need this junk?” The answer is simple, donate them! You’re not only making your life easier and eliminating things to move but you’re also supporting a good cause.

Forget the food:

Do your last big grocery trip about two weeks before your move. Don’t open up anything jarred that you don’t need to. Try to use up most of your food so you’re not forced to take half your pantry with you. If you absolutely don’t want to pack up food items, donate them to a food drive.

Utilize your space:

Put your spices in your crock pot, keep clothes in drawers then tape them shut, or don’t remove toys from your child’s toy box. If you’re using a moving company, check to see if they will pad and stretch wrap your dressers, sometimes tape can ruin the finish. If the items already belong there, why move them even more? It will save you time and space.

Use your luggage to move:

Place heavy items (like books) in your wheeled luggage. You’re utilizing space and the only heavy lifting you’ll have to do is getting the luggage into your vehicle.

Secured in socks:

Place any small items that could easy be broken in your socks. They’ll be double protected: once inside the sock, and again with the other surrounding pairs.

Two night tote:

Have a bag with two nights worth of clothes, toiletries, etc. The last thing you want to worry about when you settle into your home is “Where did I put my toothbrush?” Having the items you need for a few days allows you to relax and take your time unpacking.

Now get moving, and remember.. don’t stress out!!

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