Let’s face it, we all can’t have the luxury of living in mansions with endless square footage and space for everything we own. Most of the time, we have to adjust to make our living space work. Just because you don’t own a huge house doesn’t mean can’t you have a special space though. Here’s some tips to make a smaller home seem like that mansion we all dream of!



Choose your possessions wisely

(photo from: http://www.nytimes.com)
Don’t have items occupying important space in your home. If needed, rent out a small storage unit to store things you don’t absolutely need. By doing this, your home will open up right before your eyes! It’s hard to live completely clutter free, but try to keep it to a minimum. You know what you’re using and what you’re not. If you’re using space for all your old items, there will be no room for new ones.


Go towards the light

(photo: http://www.freshhome.com)
If you’re moving, look for a space that has a ton of natural light. Natural light=less lamps=saving money on utilities=a happy you! Especially if you are looking for a new home in a city where homes tend to be more expensive. A few curtains are way cheaper than paying for lighting every month and will save you tons of money in the long run. Light airy curtains also provide natural light over dark ones.


Hang up your television

(photo: http://www.elementsofstyleblog.com)
Hanging up your television leaves room for things that can’t be hung. Rather than have a huge entertainment system, try purchasing a small shelving unit (like above) to place movies, DVD players, and any other decorative pieces.


Bed and Dresser..All in one!

(photo: http://www.houzz.com)
Buying a platform bed with drawers/shelves already built in will come in handy when trying to maintain space. If you don’t have many clothes that are folded, this will save you from having a bulky dresser. Also, if you decide to move, most platform beds can be broken down and rebuilt which can be better than moving a giant box spring!


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