Whether you’re downsizing, making room for new items, or maybe your kids are all moved out, there are many great reasons to invest in a storage unit. Having an extra place to get some of your belongings out of the way can be very beneficial. There are also many ways it can turn into a disaster.. no worries, we’re here to help!


photo from: http://sableverity.com/
Use stack-able boxes so you can arrange them as you please. If you really want your unit to be organized, don’t use old broken down boxes from years ago. Spend the few extra bucks on new ones if you don’t have any in good condition.
If you’re packing glassware, dishes, china, or anything else that is fragile use a ton of cushioning. That way when you’re moving your objects back out, you don’t have to risk anything getting broken or damaged.
Wrap your mattresses in mattress covers or a mattress bag. Dusk and dirt often collect in units and you don’t want that where you sleep!
Utilize drawers and shelves! By placing things like bedding, pictures, toys, etc. in drawers you’re saving space and protecting them.
If you’re storing a fridge or freezer clean it thoroughly..and then clean it again. Mold can gather in a fridge within a week..imagine what could happen in a year. Leave the door slightly cracked just in case to keep air circulating throughout the appliance.
Stack chairs on top of one another and separate the legs from any kitchen/dining tables. Removing the legs will create more space.
If you take apart any beds, dressers, etc. keep all of the screws and bolts in a zip lock bag labeled to what they belong to. These are easily lost, and some parts you can’t buy, so it’s important to keep track of them.
Renting a storage unit is a smart choice for safe keeping of your belongings, but it can be even more beneficial (and save you money) if you pack your items wisely!
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