We all want our homes to look inviting and well-taken care of. Unfortunately, remodeling and decorating takes time and costs money. Here are some quick (and fairly cheap) ways to spruce up your house into the home you have always dreamed of!

Get the glass

92dea40580e1917c438fa42f06ab048ePurchasing glass containers and adding any object inside is a great addition to any room.You can add seashells, wine corks, pine cones, artificial fruit, flowers, or marbles. It is an inexpensive project, and you can even switch up what you place inside if you’re looking for a change!   Artificial fruits are great if you are planning on placing your containers in the kitchen!

The power of fabric


Buying art or wall hangings can get pricey and you might get sick of looking at the same thing on your wall.You can buy any fabric print you like, simply wrap around and staple it on the back on the canvas, and voila! A new wall-hanging.

e3323f8017a268aa321cd23cd176160eYou can even wrap cardboard letters (found at most craft stores) for a simple project. These would look great in a child’s room, college dorm, or a craft room. Fabric is fairly cheap, so if you want to change up your design you can remove the fabric and switch it up!





Chalk it up


Many people toss old tables, dressers, etc. Little do they know it is simple to make them new again! Sanding down the item and laying on some chalk paint adds for a new, unique way to decorate your home.


If you don’t want this sort of piece in a fancier room in your home, it is a great addition for a family room, a child’s room, or even an outdoor picnic table. Not many pieces of furniture have the ability to be fun and interactive, this does!

It’s easy to do, simple to clean, and a great way to get everyone in the family involved! You can use it for games, notes, anything you want!

Shelves aren’t just for books

f218a175e1ea43c9f6bdb4aa267c93c0Picture frames, decorations, books, candles.. and more. Having an open shelf allows you to often change up what you place there and will save you money in the end because you won’t always be purchasing new wall hangings. Shelves are also great for those huge walls that look lonely and empty.

Look at me

583b9b7b35a4cc606202d3add154d0d4If you don’t want to hang a shelf, but still want something to fill that empty space on the wall, a mirror is the perfect option. They reflect light and often make rooms seem larger than they really are. Whether you choose to hang a few smaller mirrors or a larger one, they make rooms seem more open and welcoming.


Larger mirrors reflect tons of light around a room, especially those that are already receiving a lot of natural light. Homes with high ceilings are sometimes difficult to fill with decorative pieces without going too over the top. A large mirror is simplistic and elegant.



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