For most incoming college freshmen, a new school year means a new home. Moving into a dormitory for the first time can be a stressful change. However, taking a few painless steps can make the transition to the new “home away from home” go more smoothly.

Moving a child to college for the first time can leave parents and their student physically and emotionally drained if unprepared. It’s easy to get frustrated when faced with packing and condensing belongings to fit in a small room shared by one to three other people. TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® offers these tips to make the process easier:


Start early: don’t wait until the last minute to collect boxes and moving supplies.Start packing non-essential items immediately, such as seasonal clothing. Clearly label all boxes so unpacking is easy.

Try to condense – remember your student will most likely be sharing a room with other people. Go through all of their belongings carefully before packing. Reduce the amount of items to move to start the school year clutter-free.

Don’t bring doubles – talk to your roommate to see what they already bought or have. This saves you both from the hassle of having two fridges, microwaves, futons, etc.

 Use the right supplies – shop around for competitive prices on supplies. Avoid using old shopping bags, laundry baskets or topless boxes transport belongings. Items can get tossed around in the move and if loose items fall out, people can get hurt. Also, beware of using grocery store boxes – they store food and can carry bugs. Plastic storage containers work very well because their sturdy, can hold a lot of weight, and have a lid to keep all items protected

 college move kitchen_jpgPack similar items together – label the boxes so they are easily identified. This will helps the student prioritize unpacking without making a huge mess.

Use original packaging for large electronics when possible – the safest way to transport electronics like a computer, TV, mini-fridge or a microwave is to use the original packaging. If it’s not available, wrap the electronics in anti-static bubble wrap. Call a local moving company for advice or assistance.

Recycle – buying reusable supplies like high-quality containers is good for parents’ wallets and for the environment. Most corrugated cardboard boxes can be easily folded and stored during school year. Plastic storage bins with lids are also a good option. The containers parents buy this year can be reused and recycled throughout their student’s college career.


tumblr_loz2igeWoY1ql12szo1_500Watch what you buy- it’s tempting to buy brand new everything for your student’s first year at college, but resist the temptation. You’ll save the most money by purchasing things that you expect your student to only use for the duration that they are in school. By not purchasing expensive bedspreads, couches, etc. you are saving yourself tons of money in the long run.

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