Christmas is behind us, you have tons of boxes laying around and need ideas to keep the kids busy? Well, we have a few great idea from our most popular board on Pinterest.

Moving Box Crafts

1. The Sailboat

All you need is a large box, fabric for the sail and ribbon.

Cardboard boat crop

2. The Train Station

All aboard! The Train Station is made with a cardboard box, duct tape and markers. Just cut out a couple arch ways on each side and let the fun begin!

Cardboard train station crop

3. The Grocery Store

We are the Farm-to-Fork Capital! Feed their imagination with this cardboard grocery store. This craft requires more attention to detail, but if you have an hour or two to dedicate to cutting out the adorable windows, your kids will be entertained for hours as one can be the grocer and the other the buyer at their very local grocery store.

Cardboard grocery crop

4. The Castle

Fit for the king or the queen of your castle. Tape the top of the box and cut along the side to create the drawbridge to your castle. You can add yarn to pull the bridge up or skip it. Cut simple squares out of the top and voila, our castle is ready for play!

Cardboard castle crop

5. The Town

The 10 minute town box. Open your box, grab a few sharpies and create a town with streets, trees, and people.  And good luck getting the mayor’s attention once he steps into his very own town!

Cardboard town crop

6. The Airplane

Your little pilot is going to love his very own airplane, and if you add straps it can even be worn! You’ll need two large boxes. Cut out the top of one so the pilot can sit in it. Add wings, a propeller, and to make the back look official you’ll want to cut out a horizontal stabilizer and add the vertical stabilizer. Goggles are an added bonus!

Cardboard Airplane crop

7. The Rocket

Out of this world. The rocket ship is only for the most well behaved kids (well that’s what you tell them)  and encourage their help in creating this masterpiece.

To create you will need:

One wardrobe box, a box cutter, hot glue gun and water-based paint.

Cardboard Rocket crop

Find more ideas on our Moving Box Craft board. We update it all the time, so follow us and please share your creations!