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Pros are pros because they have a system and they use it – all the time. In sports MVPs are most valuable because they live and breathe their positions. They obsess over streamlining the process, how to become more effective and better than the rest. The same can be said for us. We’re in business because we listen to you and with your help we are constantly finding better, faster, more effective ways to move people.

Listen, when it comes to moving, packing like a PRO requires a little effort in the planning stage and lots of time. Seriously, plan your time wisely. That’s the best advice we can give you.  Ready? Alright, let’s get to it rookie!

  1. Don’t waste time.

It’s such a rookie mistake. People put getting their moving supplies off. They have a business dinner, an anniversary date, their kids’ soccer game and every other life event seems to pop up when it comes time to prep. We get it. It happens to 95% of our customers. All the sudden it’s time to move and you have zero supplies.

We can bring you boxes; we can bring you wrapping paper, bubble wrap and anything else you need. However, you’re a PRO now, so visualize your home. I want you visualize how many rooms you have, all of your most prized possessions, and now all the junk and now do it for each of your family members. Try not to panic. PROs don’t panic; they have a system in place to map the scope of a move.

Now, grab a pen.

How many rooms do you have? This box calculator will help give you an idea of how many boxes you are going to need. Please note, the heavier the item, the smaller the box. Be smart, you’re a PRO now. We don’t waste the good years on back issues from rookie mistakes.


Ok, now you’ve written down about how many boxes you will need. Now be honest with yourself, how much collecting have you done? Truth be told, I love love love to find cool treasures, if you’re a shopper, (in my best coach voice) pick that pen up and throw on 4 more boxes!

Aright, now that we’re being totally honest with one another, let’s get back to your move. I want to introduce you to your team mates:

  • Tissue Paper – to wrap your valuables.
  • Bubble Wrap – to separate your valuables & alleviate stress by popping them for fun
  • Pink anti-static bubble wrap – used to wrap electronics like computers and stereos. Bubble wrap can cause static electrics which can damage your electronics. Consider yourself warned.
  • Packing Tape – You’re a PRO, PROs use packing tape.
  • Sharpie Pens – PRO’s write the name of the room on the top and sides of boxes
  • Mattress bags – These are like $5. Don’t cut corners when it comes your bed.

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  1. Get a pen, paper and your calendar, its LIST time!

MVP’s visualize their goals. You are about to visualize your move. It’s game time baby! Okay, so look at your calendar. How much time is there between now and your move? Please say 6 weeks. Please say 4 weeks. If you have less than 4 weeks please know that we can pack and move you if you need help. Ok, I know you’re a PRO now, so let’s get on with it! Write the move date on the calendar.

Depending on how much time you have, you need to decide how much time each day or weekend you have to dedicate to packing for your move. Packing is how you control the cost of your move. Most people like to pack themselves and hire movers to move it to their new home. Let’s pretend this is what you’re going to do.

Now, here’s how you have control over the cost of your move. The more EFFECTIVE you are at packing the more EFFIECENT we can be at moving. As your coach, I am trying to convey a point here. I want to help you save money. Your movers are on the clock, and our movers are experts. They love moving because they are fast and effective at what they do, but here’s what they can’t do: they can’t be fast if you have not packed your belongings. If you’re not packed your move could take several more hours than planned. Several more hours could be hundreds of dollars, so let’s get back to it so we can keep that money in your pocket.

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  1. Pack smart, start with what you use least

Now that you’ve marked your calendar you know how much time you have. You have also set a goal for how many hours a week or a day you’re going to dedicate to packing. Now, it’s time to pack.

You should start with what you use least. If it’s hard to decide what you use least, make a list of what you use most (keep this list, I’ll refer to it in a minute) and whatever isn’t on that list, start packing! Some people start packing last season’s clothes, books on a bookshelf, pots & pans, or they get started wrapping glassware.


  1. Create a survival pack

Ok, now you’re on to the survival pack. How many people are in your home? This is how many people you need to think about for your survival pack. Don’t make the rookie mistake of packing little Tommy’s favorite stuffie. Don’t make the rookie mistake of packing all your work clothes or your phone charger. And don’t make the mistake of packing all of your cleaning supplies. A survival pack should get you and your family through three days, put a $20 in it too, stumbling upon cash comes in handy.

  1. Cleaning box

Ah, here we are, my little rookie packer has become a PRO. Congratulations! Your move is almost complete. Now stop reading and get to work! Pack a box full of your cleaning supplies; you’re going to need it once the movers have hauled all of your stuff to the new home. Clean the stove, the fridge, the baseboards and the range. After you say goodbye to neighbors and before you leave your old house, look around, smile and take a deep breath, a new chapter has just begun.

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TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® is happy to help guide you during a move. Do you need a quote? Leave a comment or give us a call. If you’ve already moved with us, how was your experience, do you have any advice or tips to share?