I have binders full of baseball cards. We organized them one by one. Each one given as a gift from grandpa. They were like gold, and when opening each pack we would hope for Barry Bonds or Will Clark. The best was discovering my all-time favorite JT Snow, his card found the perfect spot in the front of my binder. We started swapping stories about him after every game. Grandpa introduced me to baseball and together we would root for our team for years to come. One day we went to the city to see a game. My eyes lit with pride when grandpa bought me a brand new hat. I felt like one of my heroes wearing that hat. We sat in the sun, eating seeds by the handful for nine innings. On the edge of our seats, we watched the game unfold, play by play. With the last crack of the bat we jumped out of our seats and sunflower seeds flew everywhere. I held the hat on my head while he threw me up in the air and yelled “your hat kid, it just got it’s first win!”

hope chest

Moving requires us to see, feel and touch everything we own. Stories from the Hope Chest will showcase 7 stories exploring the power of sentimental value. What stories are in your hope chest? Share them with us.