My father collected pocket watches. He collected so many that I’m overwhelmed thinking about what to do with all of them. All of these watches had incredible value to him, some of them I remember as a child. They’re even engraved with special words.

I’m not ready to part with his watches just yet. I know it sounds silly, and I realize these watches are not my father, but I’ve had a relationship with some of them just as long as I’ve had with my father. When so much of our time was spent bonding over an object, it’s difficult for me not to identify with it as part of the history of who we are. For now, I will keep them in my hope chest. But I am reminded every time I look at them, that their time with me is ticking away.

hope chest

Moving requires us to see, feel and touch everything we own. Stories from the Hope Chest will showcase 7 stories exploring the power of sentimental value. What stories are in your hope chest? Share them with us.