My son is getting baptized next month, so I asked his great aunt about his great-grandfather’s christening gown and she said it was in the hope chest. I went over to her house later that day to see the gown. She opened the chest and the smell of cedar punched me right in the nose. I found a note laying right on top, “have fun looking, but please don’t take anything” a little reminder that all of our history belongs in this chest. I found two wedding gowns, several blankets and lots of family history. Everything I touched was delicate and deserving of all of my attention, but I was on a mission to find the christening gown.

My walk down memory lane was soon interrupted by the chirp of a text. It was my sister-in-law saying they had great-grandfather’s christening gown in their hope chest, but that it was now yellowed and slightly damaged. I suppose things don’t last forever, but our fondness of those things lasts through generations.

hope chest

Moving requires us to see, feel and touch everything we own. Stories from the Hope Chest will showcase 7 stories exploring the power of sentimental value. What stories are in your hope chest? Share them with us.