If you haven’t noticed already, TMT Sacramento takes Halloween very seriously. Our Director of Sales and Marketing is quite clearly obsessed, as it seems to be a relatively recent discovery as an Aussie. I guess they don’t do Halloween there? Weirdos.

Maybe they’re just bored of creepy spiders and things. “Ooooh giant tarantulas and cobwebs… So spooky.”

The most frightening wildlife I’ve seen as Pacific Northwest native is a garter snake… or maybe a big bee. I also saw a turkey in the middle of the street after moving to Davis. Terrifying. According to nearby businesses, he is “very aggressive” so my terror was justified.

In my head, you can’t walk more than five feet in Australia without being accosted by a giant kangaroo in boxing gloves or having a koala throw scorpions at you.

Anyway, Halloween. We love it.

I love it for silly children’s movies, the creepy decorations, even just the fact that kids are meant to dress up in weird shit and go door to door asking for candy, and no one ever feels like saying “No, go away you little freaks!” It’s such a weird concept, but I think it’s amazing. No other holiday seems to have something so widespread like that. I love the feeling of knowing that all across the country, there are little people running around in little costumes, and everyone else is giving them candy.

Okay, no more tangents.

What are we doing for Halloween here? Well, the Halloween spirit initially took off with our boxtume creations. We had the fortune of some local morning news shows having a segment with one of our marketing coordinators, Ashley, to show off our endlessly useful boxes as inexpensive Halloween costumes. You can watch the two parts of our Good Day Sacramento segments here. Ashley does well enough, I guess. I would have done better. They probably would have asked me to be their new anchor person or something. Anyway, here.



For the basics of any one of these costumes you would only need

  • A box (or two for something like the robot or the truck)
  • Paint (acrylic is best, it’s thicker and better covers the logo)
  • Glue and/or tape
  • Construction paper
  • Box cutter/Scissors

For example, the angry bird costume was made completely with these items only, and one box. I mean, I am extremely creative and super good at this, but really anybody can do this.

Anything else depends upon how detailed or creative you want to get with the costume. What I found most fun with these projects was thinking about how many different ways I could repurpose what was already available to us or how to use something really inexpensive like a bag of googly eyes or foil. For the microphone, I needed a long angled stick thing with a puffy bit at the end. All I had were office supplies and our other basic crafts. All I could think of using was pencils, but to stick them together at an angle neatly (without tape) I glued them together with two snips of a zip tie! Like the ligaments of a knee! I’m like God! And the puffy bit is a packing peanut. I’m just so smart.

Anyhoo, about these costumes, now that their television debut has finished, we’ve got all of these awesome little costumes for kids sitting in our lobby. Just in case our expert craftsmanship wasn’t enough to clue you in, we’ve got a robot on top, Spongebob Squarepants, the red angry bird, a presidential podium, one of our trucks, and a popcorn box! They are fun decorations, but we think some kids might make better use of them. If your kids or anyone you know would like one of these fun costumes, send us a Facebook message or give us a call, and you can come by our Sacramento office to pick one up!


Our creativity didn’t end there though! With all of the padding and stretch wrapping done during our moves, our movers and drivers come back with a great amount of used up rolls of stretch wrap. We decided it would be a great outlet for our Halloween spirit to create some little decorations using these tubes. Construction paper, glue, and maybe some colored pencils are all you need! Here’s what we came up with.


Try these for your office or as a fun craft for you and your kids! The stretch wrap tubes are great for their extra stability, but these could be made with construction paper alone. As I said earlier, we take Halloween very seriously, so we couldn’t risk making any flimsy decorations.


Lastly, and most importantly, we are without a doubt going to win this costume contest. Don’t feel bad, but just give up now. I’m not even sure if there is a competition, but if there isn’t, I’m making one. And we’re going to win it.

I don’t know if I can give you any details just yet, but you just wait. It’s going to be good.

Okay, that’s all.