Vacaville here we come! It’s been just over 10 years since the opening of Two Men and a Truck Sacramento, and we’ve already grown such an incredible amount. We’ve opened a total of 3 different locations in that short amount of time. We’re here in Sacramento, in Roseville, and in Folsom, but we’re not done yet! A new location in Vacaville is on its way, and we’re extremely excited. Though we’ve always offered our services to the area, a new location will allow us to create greater community involvement, and bring out excellence in customer service closer to home for many new clients. We can’t wait to “Move People Forward” on this large a scale.

morning trucks.jpg

We’re constantly growing, and we’re always looking for new faces to join our team in Sacramento, but now we would love to extend that to the people of Vacaville and surrounding areas. With these new offices, we’ll need new people with the “Movers Who Care” spirit in mind to help us continue our goal of “Moving People Forward”. If you or someone you know would be a good fit for our sometimes eccentric, always friendly and helpful atmosphere, we’d love to be seen for an interview! We host open interviews here in Sacramento at 10am every Tuesday and Thursday, so, starting now, let’s see some Vacaville locals! If you haven’t any experience as a mover or driver, no worries, we have an exceptional training program that will have you ready for anything that might come your way. We’re also looking for office staff, so please give our offices a call at 916-852-7411 regarding the positions we’ll need filled.

We are the “Movers Who Care” for a reason. Come see what it’s all about!