April 8, 2017 – It was a beautiful Saturday – thunderstorms, rain, wind, no chance of sunshine. You know, the ideal weather for every Californian. Luckily, the motivation to donate was enough to encourage many people to face the elements and give to a good cause. Some people came with enough donations to fill a grocery bag, others, enough to fill half of an SUV. And an extra bonus, everyone who came to donate, was able to get free Family Fish Fest tickets.

Many people told us they were driving in their car, heard on the radio where we were at, and came right over. It was touching Weave, Lisa & Truckiethat people in the community wanted to help these women in WEAVE.

WEAVE representatives were able to get the word out about their upcoming fundraiser “Walk A Mile In Her Shoes” and talk with anyone who had further questions about their organization. The two representatives from WEAVE, spent nearly 4 hours with us and The Fish.

By the time 2pm came around,  we needed our 26 ft box truck to come and pick up our 1,450 donations that came in that day, and bring them back to our warehouse. Aren’t they pretty all lined up and organized? We are grateful that organizations lBoxed Donationsike WEAVE exist for women needing to escape their violent environments, grateful that The Fish has spent their energy collecting and promoting as well, and grateful for our team of movers, who pick up these items, help box and count them, and ultimately take everything to WEAVE.


Now, if you weren’t able to make it out to donate, we still have a couple of opportunities left! Here are your options:

  1. Go to the Movers for Moms website, and find a collection site nearest you.
  2. Check out our Live Remote Dates and Locations and plan to come donate there!

We would love to see some more new nail polishes, at home spa treatments, $5 and $10 gift cards, and journals.  Of course we happily welcome gently used Men’s, Women’s and Children’s clothing, purses, jewelry, and accessories.

(I also finally had the chance to meet Truckie, live!)

Danielle & Truckie